Country guides

Collect stamps by country and discover so much more about your chosen location, its history, culture and people. Stamps can provide a fascinating window into different nations, as our in-depth collecting by country guides reveal

How to collect the stamps of Egypt
Collecting modern Egyptian stamps can be challenging and rewarding with various scarcities to seek out, as our expert…
08 August 2019
Postage stamps of the United Nations
It’s no surprise the stamps of the United Nations are popular with collectors, reflecting a global ambition to make the…
30 April 2019
Your guide to collecting the stamps of Turkey
Collect a new country with our inspiring philatelic guide to the stamps of Turkey.
30 April 2019
A beginner's guide to Czech stamps
Yvonne Wheatley FRPSL of the Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain, provides a beginner's guide to Czech…
02 September 2018
An introduction to the stamps of the Netherlands
Frank Spencer explains the intricacies of stamp issues of the Netherlands in this guide to collecting stamps by country.
01 December 2016
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