1901-1910 King Edward VII Stamps

King Edward VII reigned for just nine years, but in that time collectors saw the first male monarch depicted on British stamps, whilst new approaches to stamp design and production gave us a wealth of Edward VII varieties to collect.

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There were nineteen basic King Edward VII stamps, including both colours of the ½d and 4d values.

Classic British Stamps - 1904 6d Pale Dull Purple (I.R. Official overprint)
Described in 2010 as ‘Britain’s rarest stamp’, an example of the 1904 Edward VII 6d pale dull purple was sold in ‘a deal…
21 July 2020
Classic British stamps – King Edward VII Penny Red stamp, 1902
We provide a GB Stamps fact file on the King Edward VII 1d red stamp first issued in 1902
30 March 2020
Your in-depth guide to stamps of King Edward VII
Thanks to the relatively short time on the throne, the British stamps of King Edward VII present the collector with an…
01 March 2017
Classic British Stamps - the 1910 Tyrian Plum
Planned to be issued in 1910, the Tyrian Plum 2d stamp was withdrawn due to the death of King Edward VII in May of that…
25 February 2013
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