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Harry Potter stamps showcase good v evil
The Royal Mail’s new Harry Potter Special Stamps showcase the Harry Potter series’ epic final battle between good and…
13 October 2023
Rare stamps: the 1935 Silver Jubilee Prussian Blue stamp
The rare 1935 Silver Jubilee 'Prussian Blue' stamp is one of the most desirable stamps issued during the reign of King…
05 December 2022
Stamp collecting guide: Victorian 1d lilac stamp of 1881
The Victorian 1d lilac stamp of 1881 was issued in its billions, proving to be one of Britain's most widely used stamps.…
27 November 2022
Transformers stamps from Royal Mail
Epic robot battles? Secret alter-egos? Hidden animations? Retro-1980s images? The Royal Mail’s set of Transformers…
01 September 2022
Collecting British Stamps: The Wilding Definitives
The 'Wilding' definitives, named after the fashionable photographer Dorothy Wilding, have long since been overshadowed…
02 May 2022
An introduction to Machin stamps
It may just be the most reproduced image in the history of the world. The Machin stamp design, named after sculptor…
02 April 2022
David Gentleman designs return to GB stamps
Royal Mail have revealed the design of a special miniature sheet featuring ‘The Stamp Designs of David Gentleman’, which…
17 February 2022
Royal Mail stamps 2021
Discover more about the 2021 special stamps issued by Royal Mail.
01 January 2022
Collecting Olympics Stamps
In this special guide, Bob Wilcock, Vice Chairman of the Society of Olympic Collectors, provides an insight into…
02 July 2021

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