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The first Åland stamps were issued on 1 March 1984, and approximately 16 stamp motifs appear every year. “Åland stamps must describe the nature, culture, history, industry and society of the island province and be a medium for the promotion of Åland.” (Quote from the Stamp policy of Åland Post).

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Åland mini sheet celebrates 40 years of stamps
Åland recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of the first Åland stamps with a special miniature sheet designed by…
01 March 2024
Metamorphosis on Aland's franking labels
On 1 February, Åland Post will release a new series of self-adhesive franking labels. Titled 'Metamorphosis', these…
12 January 2024
Aland's festive stamps promote peace
With global conflicts raging, the message of peace on Åland’s 2023 Christmas stamps strikes a heartfelt note. Åland is a…
13 November 2023
Åland Post stamp wins SEPAC recognition
Åland Post’s sea-buckthorn stamp has won silver in the vote for the most beautiful Sepac stamp 2022
19 September 2023
Stamps focus on vision of a sustainable future for Åland
Åland Post highlights sustainability and environmental work on two personal and hopeful stamps that will be issued as a…
05 July 2023
This year’s Sepac stamp celebrates Viking market in Åland
On 27 July 2023, Åland Post will be highlighting the Viking Market on a stamp as part of the Sepac stamp series issued…
27 June 2023
Åland youth workers granted 2022 Christmas seal funds 
Åland Post recently had the immense pleasure of donating over €1,300 from the sale of the 2022 Christmas seals to…
20 June 2023
Stamp booklet celebrating Åland summer cottages and cottage life
9 June sees the issue of a stamp booklet featuring the three winning summer cottages from the Åland Post’s photo…
09 June 2023
Photographer Christoffer Relander explores childhood memories on Åland stamp
The work of Finnish art photographer Christoffer Relander features on a single stamp, marking the first time an artist…
09 June 2023

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