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Launched in 2018 by Warners Group Publications, the website and regular newsletter bring together traders, auction houses, post offices and philatelists, helping thousands of stamp collectors to build their knowledge and build their collection.

We also publish the monthly magazine Stamp Collector Inc Coin Collector which is read by thousands of enthusiasts around the world via the print and digital editions. Find out more about us below…

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Stamp Collector Inc Coin Collector magazine is your monthly guide to the world of stamps/coins and stamp/coin collecting, bringing you all the information and inspiration you need to build your collection. It's quickly becoming the world's favourite stamp/coin collecting magazine!

Expert advice on buying and selling stamps/coins
The latest offers from trusted dealers
In-depth guides to classic stamp sets
Price guides and stamp/coin values
Notable sales on eBay and delcampe
News, views, new issues and price updates
We believe stamp/coin collecting is for everyone, that’s why our articles are clear, engaging and accessible.

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