Stamp Collector August 2021

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August’s Stamp Collector takes us around the world on another philatelic tour, stopping off in exotic locations as we examine Commonwealth firsts, classic sets, and the latest new stamps…

On Sale: 09/07/2021

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What's in this Issue?

Empire originals

We look back at the very first stamps issued around the British Empire, taking in exotic climes including Mauritius, British Guiana, and New South Wales.


Special report: Stanley Gibbons buy British Guiana rarity! We speak to the MD of the company offering collectors the chance to own a piece of the famous stamp.


Exploring Australia

How you can form a collection of classic stamps remembering the explorers who helped map Australia


Celebrated sets

Discover the history of communications in this neat set from Monaco, which commemorates the centenary of the International Telecommunications Union


PLUS: WIN! Dennis and Gnasher stamps, Ghana’s stamps in focus, market insight, news, views and much more.

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