Stamp Collector February 2023

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Discover the GREEN THEME in the February issue of Stamp Collector, as we examine the growing number of stamps issued to highlight the climate emergency. Plus, Italian stamp history, New Zealand 1940 Centennials, and much more.

On Sale: 13/01/2023

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What's in this Issue?

For centuries stamps have delivered vital messages across the world, and no message is more important than the current climate emergency… discover how postage stamps have highlighted climate change in our in-depth guide to the ‘green theme’ inside the February issue.

We detail New Zealand’s ‘Centennials’ of 1940 and provide a price guide to this notable set; explore the World Heritage Sites of Japan, as showcased on a classic UN set; and take another look at the way King George VI stamps were used during his reign.

Our philatelic tour of Europe continues into Italy, San Marino, and Vatican City; and we speak to the ‘Punk Philatelist’ who encourages us all to collect in our own way rather than following too many rules.

Packed with insight, advice, inspiration and updates, Stamp Collector is quickly becoming the world’s favourite stamp collecting magazine!

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