Stamp Collector, February 2024

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Discover the stamps of the countries that no longer exist in our special guide to 'Stamps of Dead Countries', plus Royal Mail's 2024 schedule revealed, British Guiana price guide, pre-decimal Machin stamps explained, and so much more.

On Sale: 12/01/2024

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What's in this Issue?

When a country disappears from the map, stamps become one of the few reminders of its existence, making the ‘dead country’ theme a fascinating topic for collectors, as our in-depth guide reveals.

  • Price guide: British Guiana’s 1934 definitive set
  • Royal Mail stamp schedule 2024 revealed
  • How the new country of Lebanon laid claim to its fascinating history with the help of stamps
  • Your guide to the pre-decimal Machin
  • Valentine's stamps, old and new

Postal history, thematics, latest new stamps, collecting news, market advice, and so much more!

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