Stamp Collector, November 2023

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Discover the stamp story of De La Rue • Aden’s 1939 definitives • New Zealand's Centennial stamps

On Sale: 13/10/2023

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What's in this Issue?

November's Stamp Collector is packed with expert collecting advice to help you build your knowledge and your collection.

We continue our series on printers of British stamps with the story of De La Rue; provide an in-depth guide to Aden's 1939 definitives and explain why the set immediately ran into trouble; and take a trip back in time to 1939 when New Zealand celebrated their centennial with a lavish exhibition and an extensive set of stamps.

Expert articles on British stamps, including…

  • Paddington Bear get his own set of stamps and a miniature sheet.
  • Richard West wonders whether it’s really worth collecting British stamp booklets.
  • The second and final part of our guide to ‘Wildings’ stamps in use

…and so much more

  • Tina Jackson talks to Bill Hedley, President of FEPA, about the future of philately
  • Michael Burzan examines an intriguing set of Saar stamps that courted controversy
  • Prices paid for Turkey’s 1914 definitives
  • Special collecting guides to postcards, Post & Go, Cinderellas, and FDCs

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