Collectors' Conference: GB Stamps

GB Stamps conferenceCollect GB stamps? Don’t miss the range of Conference talks - all content is available here until 14 December. Held in partnership with the Great Britain Philatelic Society (GBPS), and with additional content provided by the British Library Philatelic Collections, the online event is now closed, but the  special talks, webinars and Q&A sessions are available to view below until 14 December.

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Sample Revenue Stamps 1694 to 1901 (David Leathart, GBPS)
David Leathart provides a journey through revenue stamps, starting in the 17th century and bringing us into the reign of…
14 November 2020
GB Stamps One-Page Competition
Do you collect GB stamps? Do you have a story you'd like to tell using British stamps? Why not enter the latest All…
14 November 2020
Dauwalders of Salisbury: still buying and selling
Dauwalders of Salisbury are Britain's largest stamp store. Always buying and selling fine quality Great Britain and…
14 November 2020
Andrew G Lajer Philatelist… superb GB philatelic material
Andrew G Lajer Philatelist offers superb Great British philatelic material, specialising in stamps and postal history…
14 November 2020
King George VI Usages
Maurice Buxton provides an in-depth guide to the many different usages of British King George VI stamps.
13 November 2020
Conference Programme
The full programme for the very first Collectors' Conference will be available right here until 14 December, giving you…
13 November 2020
Webinar recording: Stamp Booklets explained
Ian Harvey presents a colourful, comprehensive talk on British stamp booklets, detailing the many varieties and many…
13 November 2020
Mixed Franking Covers – How common stamps can make a rarity!
Ray Simpson and Karl Louis explain Mixed Frankings found on covers, the unexpected rarity of certain stamp combinations…
13 November 2020
Is there a black British postal history?
British Library Philatelic Collections curator Richard Morel examines Britain's postal history and provides case studies…
13 November 2020

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