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27 March 2021
Do you collect modern stamps? Do you have a story you'd like to tell using recently issued stamps? Why not enter the latest All About Stamps Competition, supported by the ABPS, which challenges you to submit a one-page philatelic exhibit?

We're excited to be launching the next All About Stamps Competition this time with a focus on Modern stamps. The new one-page competition follows the first two All About Stamps Competitions (see the entries here).


What is a 'modern' stamp?

The Competition challenges collectors around the world to produce a one-page entry using modern stamps –we're limiting the stamps you can use to those issued during or after the year 2000, with the overall winner receiving the All About Stamps Medal and a selection of modern stamps from around the world.

Philatelists regularly enter competitions, often of eight or even sixteen frames – that's pages upon pages of philatelic material and knowledge. To keep things a little simpler and to encourage everyone to enter, whatever your experience of exhibiting or collecting, the All About Stamps Competition is just one page.

What should I exhibit?

This is really up to you, though this time we're asking that entrants use modern stamps to tell a brief story, explain a particular aspect of stamps, stamp collecting, production or design.

Since the start of the millennium thousands of modern stamps have been issued, covering all manner of subjects, so there's plenty of scope for a really engaging and interesting one-page display.

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The competition is open to anyone, and it's free to enter! Non-philatelic material (such as ephemera, documentation, tickets) is also permitted, provided there is a philatelic element to the entry.

How to enter

Put simply, you need to create a philatelic presentation on a single page (A4 or slightly larger to accommodate covers or larger items) and email it over to us by 21 May 2021. Here are a few further requirements:

  • All entries should be scanned or photographed at a resolution of at least 300 dpi (not sure? don't worry, just drop us an email and we'll be happy to help)
  • Email your entry to [email protected] with the subject line: 'All About Stamps Modern Stamps Competition Entry'
  • Submit your entry by email by 21 May 2021
What happens after the closing date?

All entries will be shared on the website (subject to approval), and highlights will also be published in Stamp Collector magazine.

Website visitors will then be invited to vote for their favourite entry (closing date for votes will be 21 May), with the top three going through to final judging, before the very first All About Stamps Competition winner is announced!