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Stamp collecting blog: The Europa Stamps Bird Project 2019
This year the Stamps & Philately Working Group of PostEurop launched an innovative: "The Europa Stamps Bird Project…
02 July 2019
Guest stamp blog: inventive philately
In his latest blog the self-titled 'Punk Philatelist' takes a look at innovations across the world, often revealed to…
07 April 2019
Why can't Royal Mail introduce an annual charity postage stamp? Sign the…
The US Postal Services' Breast Cancer Research Stamp has raised millions for the worthy cause and given stamps and stamp…
09 February 2019
Guest stamp blog: Australia Post flogs a (not) dead horse
The self-proclaimed Punk Philatelist takes a sideways look at Australia's more relaxed attitude to stamp subjects, which…
06 December 2018
How to write up a themed collection
Collecting stamps by theme has long been considered the most simple way to collect, but by providing an in-depth write…
19 October 2018
Europa stamps 2018: A round-up of stamps issued on the theme of 'Bridges'
In this special guest blog, Europa stamp expert and blogger Jurgen Haepers gives us a round-up of the many European…
18 October 2018
Stamp book review: Lost Countries by Stuart Laycock and Chris West
Stamp dealer and collector David Bailey reviews Lost Countries by Stuart Laycock and Chris West
30 September 2018
Guest stamp blog: Devlan Kruck on Henry Archer's 1d Red rouletting machines
Victorian stamps expert Devlan Kruck looks back on a 19-century businessman's pioneering technique to separate 1d Red…
04 September 2018
What type of stamp collector are you?
What type of collector are you? Do you lose sleep over the latest stamp releases, or crave that consummate coin…
03 September 2018
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