Guernsey to vend Post & Go stamps  at Guernsey’s Tourist Information Centre


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04 March 2019
Guernsey Stamps has announced that its Post & Go desktop unit (DKU) GG03 will return to Guernsey Information Centre in St Peter Port from 1 April, where it will vend stamps with special overprints for cruise ship tourists and collectors. 

The DKU unit will vend the bureau’s latest pictorial Post & Go stamps celebrating the 50th anniversary of the formation of Guernsey Old Car Club (GOCC), with a unique location identifier “Guernsey Information Centre” overprint.

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Working in partnership with Visit Guernsey, an overprint message on the stamps will welcome cruise ship passengers to Guernsey’s shores, which will be updated each time a ship arrives into port. The first strips will vend on 4 April to mark the arrival of the Britannia. 

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Guernsey Post’s head of philatelic, Bridget Yabsley said:

“We are delighted that our DKU machine will take up residence once again at Guernsey’s Tourist Information Centre, as the special cruise ship stamps were very popular with visiting tourists and a lovely keepsake of their visit to our beautiful island. We are confident that our latest pictorial Post & Go issue celebrating the anniversary of the Guernsey Old Car Club will also be a big hit with our collectors.”