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Guernsey's 2019 stamp programme…

22 January - Lunar New Year of the Pig
13 February - John Wilson, Architect
1 April - Europa: Birds
29 May - 200th Anniversary: Queen Victoria & Prince Albert
24 July - 50th Anniversary of Prince Charles' Investiture
24 July - SEPAC: Old Residential House
24 July - 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landings
1 October - 50th Anniversary - Postal Independence (Postal)
1 October - 50th Anniversary - Postal Independence (Philatelic)
30 October - Guernsey Christmas (Secular)

Post and Go 
13 February - 50th Anniversary of the Guernsey Old Car Club (GG02 & GG04 Back Office strips)
13 February - Guernsey Flags; Spring Stampex 2019 overprint (GG04 Back Office strips) *
1 and 4 April - Guernsey Old Cars: G.I.C. and Cruise ship 2019 overprints (GG03 – pre-order required)
9 – 11 May - Guernsey Old Cars: Essen 2019 overprint (GG03 available at Essen show)
9 – 11 May - Guernsey Old Cars: Essen 2019 overprint (GG04 Back Office strips)

Alderney's 2019 stamp programme…
13 February - 120 Years: The Sinking of the SS Stella
29 May - 75th Anniversary of D-Day
24 July - 200th Anniversary of John Keats 'Odes to a….'
30 October - Alderney Christmas stamps
11 November - 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day

Guernsey Stamps: Year of the Rat 2020
Year of the Rat is the seventh set in Guernsey Post’s Chinese New Year series and celebrates a New Year that begins on…
14 December 2019
Guernsey Stamps: The Nativity, 30 October 2019
The nativity theme is celebrated with Guernsey Post, who have added a welcome twist to this well-loved topic with stamps…
08 November 2019
Guernsey Post: Armistice centenary, 11 November 2019
Guernsey marks the centenary of the first ever Remembrance Sunday, held on the anniversary of the armistice – 11…
11 October 2019
Guernsey Post: Fifty years of Guernsey stamps
In celebration of fifty years of Postal Independence, Guernsey Post is issuing two commemorative stamp issues, the first…
23 September 2019
Guernsey Post & Go celebrates postal independence
Guernsey Post’s philatelic bureau has announced that it will vend Post & Go stamps with a special overprint to celebrate…
30 July 2019
Guernsey stamps: the odes of John Keats
Six new stamps from Guernsey Post, issued on behalf of Alderney, spotlight the six odes of the poet John Keats, which…
24 July 2019
Guernsey stamps: SEPAC, old residential houses, Hauteville House
Guernsey Post celebrates the SEPAC old residential houses theme with a miniature sheet featuring Hauteville House,…
24 July 2019
Guernsey stamps: 50th anniversary of Prince Charles Investiture miniature sheet
Guernsey Post commemorates fifty years since the investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales at Caernarfon Castle…
24 July 2019
Guernsey stamps: Apollo 11 fifty years
Guernsey Post marks the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing with philatelic products featuring archive photos from…
20 July 2019

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