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08 February 2021
Discover much more about the range of special stamps issued by Guernsey Post during 2020.

Guernsey stamps issued in 2020

Guernsey's stamps for 2020 covered a wide range of subjects, including notable anniversaries such as the anniversary of V Day and liberation in the Channel Islands, and the 250th anniversary of romantic poet William Wordsworth.

Use the list and links below to find out much more about Guernsey's 2020 stamps: 

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Guernsey's 2020 stamp programme…

8 January - The Year of the Rat
21 January - Quartet Series: 250th Anniversary of Beethoven, Part 1
1 April - Europa: Mail Ships (Ancient Postal Routes)
2 May - Endangered Species: Kordofan Giraffe
2 May - Liberation 75
2 May - Quartet Series: 250th Anniversary of Beethoven, Part 2
21 July - 100th Anniversary of Rupert Bear
21 July - Quartet Series: 250th Anniversary of Beethoven, Part 3
21 July - SEPAC: Artworks in National Collection
28 October - Guernsey Christmas

Alderney 2020 stamp programme…

21 January 2020 - Bird Definitives
21 January - Sealife in the Ramsar Area
1 April - 250th Anniversary of William Wordsworth
21 July - 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain
28 October - Alderney Christmas: 170th Anniversary of the Consecration of St Annes Church

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