Guernsey Stamps: Beethoven 250


14 February 2020
In 2020, the world will celebrate 250 years of the music of Ludwig van Beethoven and Guernsey Post will mark the anniversary with the launch of a Beethoven mini series.

Beethoven was born in December 1770, in the city of Bonn. By the age of 12 he had produced his first composition and went on to create many other masterpieces throughout his life, many that are still performed by orchestras around the world today.

Beethoven stamp series

Guernsey will use this musical anniversary year for the launch of a mini series of four Beethoven stamps, the first of which was released on 21 January. This is a change to Guernsey Post’s usual issues and as well as the four stamp releases (21 January, 2 May, 21 July, 28 October) will see the stamps presented as a souvenir sheet, presentation pack and prestige booklet on 28 October.

The first stamp depicts a large bronze statue of Beethoven, which stands on the Münsterplatz in Bonn, Beethoven's birthplace. The monument was unveiled on 12 August 1845 in memory of Beethoven's 75th birthday.

The music, which appears on the right of the stamp, is taken from one of Beethoven’s most famous pieces of work – Symphony No. 5 in C Minor – which features across three of the stamps.

To purchase the stamps, visit the Guernsey Post website.

Stamp details

Issue date: 21 January

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Design: The Potting Shed

Printer: bpost

Print process: Offset Lithography

Stamp size: 40mm x 30mm 

Perforations: 13.33 x 13.60

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