Royal Mail 2023 stamp schedule revealed


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14 January 2023
Royal Mail have revealed their stamp schedule for 2023, with subjects to be celebrated on British stamps set to include Robin Hood, TV comedy classic Blackadder, Dame Shirley Bassey, King Charles' coronation, and more Harry Potter stamps.

Whilst continuing to issue stamps featuring the Queen's silhouette in the corner, Royal Mail have revealed the stamps to be issued in 2023, though we are still uncertain when the King's portrait or cypher will appear on British stamps.

The subjects to be commemorated on stamps in 2023 present another eclectic mix of traditional and modern, pop culture rubbing shoulders with more prosaic aspects of British life. The full schedule is as follows:

  • 12 Jan - Iron Maiden
  • 16 Feb -X-Men
  • 9 March - The Flying Scotsman
  • 23 March - Flowers
  • 13 Apr - The Legend of Robin Hood
  • 6 May - His Majesty King Charles 111: A New Reign
  • 17 May - Blackadder
  • 8 June - Warhammer
  • 22 June - Windrush:75 Years
  • 13 July - River Wildlife
  • 10 Aug -Terry Pratchett's Discworld
  • 5 Sep - To be announced
  • 21 Sep - Dame Shirley Bassey
  • 19 Oct - Harry Potter
  • 2 Nov - Christmas 2023

Stamp Collector magazine editor Matt Hill commented:

'The year's most anticipated stamp will be the first to feature a representation of King Charles III, as we're still seeing the Queen on Royal Mail's Special Stamps, even as we enter the 2023 schedule.

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'However, the schedule offers much for collectors to get excited about, and it looks as though there is something for everyone, with Royal Mail trying to cover all bases and appeal to many different groups of people.

The 2023 programme embraces pop culture perhaps more than any year so far, with X-Men and Harry Potter leading the way for "blockbuster" sets. A set for Dame Shirley Bassey is also intriguing, and finally sees Royal Mail honouring a female music star, after countless stamps for male artists and groups.'

More traditional subjects include The Flying Scotsman (2023 marks 100 years since Flying Scotsman entered service, and the famous locomotive will also be celebrated on a collectable £2 coin). Meanwhile, River Wildlife and Flowers give a nod to nature.