An artistic look back: the 2022 stamp year at Österreichische Post AG


21 December 2022
Introducing a beautiful and high-value gift and a treat for collectors: all commemorative stamps issued in the year 2022 united in an attractive book or collector’s folder. It is a bilingual issue with German and English texts.

The philately yearbook "Austrian stamps 2022" includes not only all original versions of commemorative stamps issued this year, but also three exclusive colour prints and one exclusive miniature sheet. The total value of all stamps is EUR 121. In addition, the yearbook includes an in-depth article about one stamp from each of the four major topics.

This year, these articles are dedicated to the commemorative stamps:

  • "Austrian Post staff shirt"
  • "Giuseppe Arcimboldo - Water, 1566"
  • "100th anniversary of the Schönbrunn Carriage Museum"
  • "Alp stone hen"

All the other stamps are explained in a short description, and philatelic data such as date of issue, issue volume, etc. are indicated for each stamp. The beautifully designed illustrated book offers comprehensive insight into the Austrian Post issue programme, its format is slightly larger than A4.

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The annual compilation also includes all commemorative stamps issued in 2022 in a collector’s folder along with a black print of a Christmas stamp. Each stamp is listed with its name, date of issue, and a one-sentence description in an insert.

Yearbook “Austrian stamps 2022“ – €129 - Find out more
Annual compilation 2022 – €126 - Find out more

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