2023 in Stamps: your guide to stamp year books


11 December 2023
Each year, post offices around the world bring together their 2023 stamp issues as a souvenir year book or year pack. Discover what's on offer this year with our special guide to annual stamp collections.

The annual year book is a familiar and popular philatelic tradition, allowing a post office to bring together the many stamp sets issued throughout the  year and present them in a new way, often utilising the stamp artists and writers to create a keepsake.

Whilst some themes are common across the different stamp-issuing countries, each collection offers something unique, allowing collectors to get a taste of the country, its culture, people and traditions.

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Swiss Post Yearbook 2023

CHF89, 120 pages

Swiss Post’s annual year book includes 51 original stamps (you can purchase versions of the book with either mint or cancelled stamps), along with four handy display cards with transparent protective sleeves.

The 120-page souvenir is described as being: 'a book full of little works of art' and the mini masterpieces include stamps for Art in Architecture, Lego bricks, and the Swiss invention of Velcro (with a design that features a tiny strip of the sticky stuff!)

Also available is the year set with all this year’s first-day covers. Find out more

Guernsey Post Year Set Folder 2023


Guernsey's year folder includes an introduction to the many subjects covered throughout the year, the specification for each stamp issue and a set of mint stamps, including any souvenir sheet and miniature sheet issued during 2023.

Guernsey Post also issue stamps on behalf of the smaller Channel Island of Alderney, and this separate folder is priced at £44.

It's interesting to note that for both the Guernsey and Alderney folders, the purchase price is solely the face value of the stamps and the folder is provided free of charge. Find out more

Åland Stamp Year Set

€77.40, 148×215 mm

Åland's year set (available in 'Mint' and 'Cancelled' editions) features a beautiful reproduction of Finnish illustrator Sofia Pusa’s peace stamp, which was issued in May 2023; it's a subject that seems as important and poignant as ever in what has been a challenging year for so many.

The year set includes all the Åland stamp issues of the year, including booklet, miniature sheet, mini-sheet, and a series of franking labels. Meanwhile, there's a fact index in Swedish, Finnish, English, and German which provides additional information about the stamp issues. Find out more

Jersey Post Yearbook 2023


Jersey Post's Year Book 2023 includes every mint commemorative stamp and miniature sheet from 2023, presented in clear mounts within a quality hardback book. Subjects covered include . Each stamp issue is accompanied by additional illustrations and information about the subject. The book does not include souvenir sheetlets, souvenir miniature sheets, overprinted miniature sheets and Post & Go stamps. Find out more

Faroe Islands Yearbook 2023

DKK 695,00 (€93,04), 

The Faroe Islands' year book includes a few special features to entice the collector, including a black print of the mini-sheet issued this year to celebrate the 1,000th Faroese stamp. And for the first time, the yearbook also includes one example of the first Faroese NFT stamps, designed by Faroese artist, Heiðrik á Heygum.

A selection of this year’s stamp issues includess: Stamp no. 1,000, the Faroe Islands during the Cold War, art by Vegghamar, Peace, and Landscapes. Find out more

USA Yearbook 2023

$96, 64 pages

It can be hard to keep up with the many stamp sets issued throughout the year, especially from countries such as the USA, who are renowned for producing many different issues. Over these 64 pages, we are treated to 80 commemorative stamps, each in protective mounts.

The product is given a luxurious feel with the front featuring a raised gloss varnish finish and foil. Find out more