Aland's festive stamps promote peace


13 November 2023
With global conflicts raging, the message of peace on Åland’s 2023 Christmas stamps strikes a heartfelt note. Åland is a demilitarised zone, and the stamps’ theme is ‘Greetings from the Island of Peace’.

‘Through the stamp issue, we spread a message of peace and consideration from Åland to the whole world,’ says Johanna Finne, Marketing Design Manager at Åland Post Stamps. 

The stamps have been designed by artist Lasse Harkkala. The commission follows his debut with last year’s Åland Europa ‘stories and myths’ issue, which depicted a sea nymph.

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The ‘peace’ stamps incorporate images of traditional Åland handicrafts – hand-dipped branch candles and Blommen flower pendant worn by the angel of peace – into the Christmas motifs. 

‘The assignment was to create two Christmas stamps with the islands of peace as a starting point,’ said Lasse. ‘I chose to use the dove and the angel which are familiar peace symbols. One stamp shows a peace angel and the other a peace dove, both on their way out into the world to spread the message of peace. I hope that the stamps will give a sense of hope or, at least, a little impulse of positive emotions.’

Issue date 20 October

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