Crypto stamps: How Austrian Post sparked a global furore


22 December 2022
In 2019, Austrian Post wowed the public with the world’s first blockchain stamp. The response was overwhelming: the Crypto stamp 1.0 with the Unicorn motif became a worldwide sensation, every following edition sold out remarkably fast.

Now in 2022, the Austrian Post offers several Crypto stamp highlights to be placed under the blockchain Christmas tree.

1. The last bulls of Crypto stamp 4.0 available 

The Crypto stamp 4.0 is the first international joint issue of a blockchain stamp and has come out simultaneously in Austria and the Netherlands (as NL Crypto stamp) on 22 September. Both issues feature the Bull as motif and augmented reality (AR) as new technical innovation.

Get one of the few remaining Crypto stamps 4.0 now in the online shop of Austrian Post on – with Euro or cryptocurrency.

2. Christmas is coming: Crypto stamp art Winter Edition

In 2022 the Austrian Post started the category Crypto stamp art: Digital collectors’ items and stamps designed by renowned NFT artists.

The first product was a new interpretation of Austria’s most famous and expensive stamp – the vermilion mercury – by famous NFT artist Pr1mal Cypher, served in a digital Mystery Boxxx. This box will only be available until the end of the year.

And then?

Well, any unopened boxes will be burned in the blockchain along with their mysterious contents. And hopefully none of them will contain a one-of-a-kind coloured Mercury…

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Anyone who treats themselves to a Mystery Boxxx will now also receive a special collector’s item: An art print of the Red Mercury, numbered and signed by Pr1mal Cypher himself. You can buy the Boxxx here on Tokapi.

3. Crypto stamp art: Limited Gold Edition

As traditional with the Crypto stamps by the Austrian Post, there is a special, very limited gold issue of the stamp with a 1g gold bullion. Mercury will glisten in gold and come packed and delivered in an exclusive collector’s box with some great extras. Find it here!

4. Sold out: Crypto stamp Gold Edition Bull

It only lasted a few minutes – then the 499 pieces of the Austrian Version of the Crypto stamp Gold Edition Bull were sold out. Like the Crypto stamp 4.0 it was a joint issue with the Netherlands Post, with an extra special 1g unicorn gold bullion.

News on further editions and special issues can be found in the popular Crypto Newsletter


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