Landmarks in Austria: Beauty, history, and architecture for collecting and sending


15 May 2023
Austria is rich in historic castles and palaces, pioneering architectural achievements, striking churches, and world-famous museums. Austrian Post has dedicated new commemorative stamps and postcards to the most beautiful landmarks.

These stamps and postcards are now available in the online shop.

300 years ago, the Belvedere was planned as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy, who was not only a successful general but also a great lover of art, by the distinguished Baroque architect Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt; the Lower Belvedere was completed in 1717, the Upper Belvedere was finished in 1723, which was exactly 300 years ago.

Austrian Post is marking this anniversary with a commemorative stamp featuring the renowned museum. It houses an important collection of Austrian and international art, including the world's largest collection of Klimt paintings.

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No less historically significant are the numerous castles in the country of Austria. Austrian Post has dedicated a commemorative stamp edition to eight of them.

The UNESCO World Heritage list currently comprises 1,154 sites from 167 countries. Austria is represented by twelve World Heritage sites. In the postcard booklet "UNESCO World Heritage in Austria", these are featured on six stamps and six postcards.

A particularly comprehensive stamp edition features other famous sights and landscapes of Austria. Entitled "Wonderful Austria", it brings together 20 very special stamps with the country's most beautiful motifs.

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