Spring awakening in philately


29 March 2023
Discover Austria's new bee miniature sheet and other animal and flower motifs.

Nature is once again waking up: just in time for the start of spring, Austrian Post is issuing wonderful new motifs on stamps and postcards.

There is a special focus on those highly useful pollinators of flowers: industrious bees. 100 years ago, the Austrian zoologist and behavioural scientist Karl von Frisch conducted elaborate studies to prove that bees use the so-called bee dance to share information about food sources.

To mark this anniversary, Austrian Post is issuing the strikingly beautiful miniature sheet "100 years of ‘The Language of Bees’" in the shape of a honeycomb. In addition, the postcard booklet "The Language of Bees" with four postcards and four stamps will delight honeybee enthusiasts.

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If you have a heart for animals, we also recommend the following new release: the postcard booklet "Wild birds in Austria" which includes four stamps and four postcards.

On the new stamps of the Austrian Post, flowers also take centre stage: find them on the 20 stamps dedicated to "Herbarium", the four stamps in the "Flower" series and the eight stamps dedicated to "Spring awakening in Austria".

Last but not least, there is the postcard booklet "Spring on Holly Pond Hill", which is usually very popular among collectors. It includes six stamps and six postcards with cute motifs.


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