Centenary of an island church


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10 August 2023
Tristan da Cunha is commemorating the 100th anniversary of St Mary’s Church with new stamp releases

On 8 July 1933, the Anglican Church was dedicted to St Mary the Virgin. After the arrival of the first priest sent to the island in 1853, building the church was initially instigated by Edward Dodgson, the second priest sent to the island and the brother of Charles Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll. Progress was so slow, though, that the church was not built until the arrival of the fourth priest, Rev. Martyn Rogers, in 1922. 

The new issue consists of four stamps and a first day cover, all designed by Andrew Robinson. The 45p value shows Rev. R. C. Pooley standing outside St Mary’s Church, 1929 (from image distributed by SPG); the 50p stamp pictures St Mary’s Church in 1929 (from image distributed by SPG); the £1.60 value shows the church pictured in 2023; and the £2 depicts the altar in 2023. A First Day Cover is also available and shows the stone font that was washed ashore from the schooner Edward Vittery, which ran aground after the Rev. E.H. Dodgson had been landed.

Issue date 8 July 

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