Domesticated (and very cute) pets on Norway stamps


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28 November 2023
Designer Cecilie Sørgård has turned the ‘awwww factor’ up to ten for these two new stamps from Norway, depicting a baby mallard and a baby rabbit, respectively.

The ‘Domesticated Animals (Pets)’ set of two will no doubt be popular with animal lovers and anyone who likes to add a little but of ‘cute’ to their collection. But the stamps also shed light on the lives of these diminutive creatures.

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It will come as no surprise to learn that rabbits, as Norway Post tell us, can multiply in numbers rapidly. ‘Rabbits are prolific breeders,’ the stamp release information explains.

‘They produce several litters a year, each with three to nine babies. The gestation period is between 28 and 33 days… they become sexually mature at three to four months of age.’

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Warning, therefore, for any pet lovers thinking of owning boy and girl rabbits together.

Meanwhile, the mallard’s life is a little less frenetic, with many enjoying a very long life. ‘Data gathered through bird ringing show that some mallards have lived to be 25 years old or more,’ we’re told.

Issue date 7 November;