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06 August 2023
Four new stamps from Jersey Post celebrate the island’s landmark Elizabeth Castle as a historic monument. 

Elizabeth Castle (Jèrriais: Lé Châté Lîzabé), was constructed in the 16th century on a tidal islet, near the Parish of St Helier. Sir Walter Raleigh, who was Governor of Jersey, named it in honour of Queen Elizabeth 1 - although some have suggested he might also habe named it after his own wife!

Elizabeth Castle has had a colourful history that includes sheltering a fugitive King Charles 11 during the English Civil War, operating as a prison in the Seven Years’ War, being used as a barracks hospital in the 19th century and being refortified by German forces in WW2. 

In 1923, the British Government relinquished the Castle to the States of Jersey as a museum and historic site. Today, Jersey Militia historical re-enactors patrol the site and help to create an immersive atmosphere for visitors.

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The commemorative issue, entitled ‘100 years of Elizabeth Castle as a historic monument’, features photographs, with the first stamp image being from Jersey Archives, and the remaining three stamps featuring contemporary photographs taken by Jersey photographers: Tom Kennedy, Andy Le Gresley, and Marc Le Cornu of BAM Perspectives.

Technical details: Issue images courtesy of Jersey Archive, Tom Kennedy, Andy Le Gresley and Marc Le Cornu of BAM Perspectives. Stamps printed in four colour process lithography plus by bpost, Belgium. Stamp size: 27.66mm x 45.2mm. Stamp products © Jersey Post Ltd 2023. Issue date: 22 August 2023 

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