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Faroese minerals
A new book on Faroese Minerals and Rocks, said to be the first of its kind to describe in Faroese rocks and minerals in…
11 November 2022
Skál (that’s cheers) for the beers!
The theme for SEPAC 2022 being Local Breweries, the new Faroe Islands’ stamp designed by Anker Eli Petersen celebrates…
21 July 2022
The first Faroese book
The first book in the Faroese language was printed in 1822 when H.C. Lyngbye published the snappily titled Faroese…
16 May 2022
William Morris in the Faroe Islands
The Faroe Islands remember the visit of textile designer William Morris to the Faroe Islands in 1871 on a new stamp.
12 May 2022
Northern lights - Aurora borealis
Two stamps from the Faroe Islands provide stunning views of the Northern lights (Aurora borealis).
28 February 2022
Franking Labels 2022: Public transport
The Faroe Islands 2022 franking labels illustrate a red city bus, a blue regional bus, the passenger ferry 'Erla…
25 January 2022
HM Margrethe II - 50 years as Queen
The year 2022 will be one of the great anniversaries of the Danish Royal House. On January 14, 2022, Queen Margrethe II…
25 January 2022
Faroe Islands Stamps 2021
Discover much more about the range of special stamps issued by the Faroe Islands during 2021.
01 January 2022
Christmas Seals
The Faroe Island's Christmas Seals depict portrait photos of sheep with flower wreaths on their heads. Harriet…
06 December 2021

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