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ILA/Covid-19 in the Faroe Islands
The Faroes Island have issued two stamps to reflect on the fight against viruses, including the Covid19 virus that…
20 September 2021
Cz. Slania 100 Years
The name ‘Czeslaw Slania’ is synonymous with beautifully engraved stamps from countries around the world, and this year…
23 July 2021
Sepac 2021 - Gemeine beschreibung aller Mittnächtigen
The Faroe Islands' contribution to this year's SEPAC theme is a one-stamp miniature sheet featuring a map of the islands…
26 April 2021
Europa 2021 - The Puffin
The common theme of this year's Europa stamps is 'Endangered animal and bird species, and two Faroese stamps depict the…
26 April 2021
Royal visit in 1921
King Christian X visited the Faroes accompanied by Queen Alexandrine and their sons Crown Prince Frederik and Prince…
26 April 2021
Cattle farming in the Faroes
Milk, and thus the peasant’s cow, are at the heart of the original Faroese economy, according to the team at Posta Faroe…
26 April 2021
Andrea Árting
Described as ‘one of the truly great figures of the Faroese labour movement’, Andrea Árting, the chairwoman of…
08 March 2021
Kirkja & Hattarvík
Fugloy, the Faroe Islands' easternmost island, is divided in two settlements, each with their own identity, as shown on…
19 February 2021
Transplanted: Immigrant Stories
Leaving a home and settling in a new one are universal human experiences, commemorated in this sheet of stamps by the…
19 February 2021

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