Folklore franking


22 October 2021
A new set of franking lables from the Faroe Islands highlights some of the region’s important storytellers.

From turning spoken folklore into writing celebrating internationally renowned authors, the series presents some the main figures that have contributed in making Faroese folklore and stories extensive, rich and still relevant in the modern world.

A spokesperson for said: ‘For a tiny country, our heritage is very strong and diverse and we can thank these people for their work and effort and remind ourselves how important it is to always believe in our work and ourselves and be proud of our history.’

The franking labels, designed by Bárður Dal Christiansen, illustrate: Barbara by Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen, Poor Man’s Honour by Heðin Brú, Faroese Folktales and Fairy Tales by Dr. Jacob Jacobsen, and Mother Seven Stars by William Heinesen.

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