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Queen Alexandrines Hospital 100 Years
The Faroe Islands have issued a miniature sheet marking the centenary of the Dronning Alexandrines Hospital, founded in…
19 March 2024
Christmas seals show Angel of Peace
Faroese artist Jonna Ljósádepicts the 'Angel of Christmas Peace' on a new sheet of 15 Christmas seals, with the dove,…
16 November 2023
SALT (Sound Art Live Theatre) stamps from Faroe Islands
A miniature sheet released by the Faroe Islands on 23 October features two stamps that illustrate SALT (Sound Art Live…
23 October 2023
A 1,000-stamp milestone
Posta Faroe Islands has issued a stamp commemorating the 1000th stamp by Martin Mörck, the world’s most productive…
12 September 2023
First Nordic NFT stamps
Posta Faroe Islands is thrilled to announce the launch of the sale of digital NFT collectibles.
22 June 2023
Faroe Islands issue 'A Hymn for Peace'
The Faroe Islands’ contribution to the Europa 2023 theme of 'Peace' shows a soldier playing a bassoon, and is entitled…
20 May 2023
Landscapes by Arnold Vegghamar
Faroe Islands celebrate a local artist and landscapes in new stamps
16 March 2023
Faroe Islands Stamps 2022
Discover much more about the range of special stamps issued by the Faroe Islands during 2022.
16 January 2023
An illuminating tradition
Christmas and the beautiful tradition of lighting Advent candles is celebrated in the 2022 Christmas two-stamp set from…
15 December 2022

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