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12 September 2023
Posta Faroe Islands has issued a stamp commemorating the 1000th stamp by Martin Mörck, the world’s most productive living stamp designer and engraver.

Mörck’s 1,000 different designs and/or engravings have appeared on 1,152 stamps issued by 28 postal administrations around the world.

48 of these Mörck productions will have been issued by the Faroe Islands: forty of them as ordinary stamps and eight of them as franking labels (vending machine stamps).

The 1,000th Mörck stamp commission was issued by Posta Faroe Island on 11 August and features Returning from fishing, a 1933 painting by Danish artist Emil Krause of fishermen unloading their catch. Krause visited the Faroe Islands twice in the early 20th century, and painted a number of works depicting Faroese life. 

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As well as engraving the stamp, Martin Mörck designed and illustrated the cachet and cancellation of the FDC, which depicts his profile whilst engraving his 1,000th stamp. The location of the first day cancellation will be Klaksvík where Emil Krause’s original painting is located.

Issue date 11 August

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