SALT (Sound Art Live Theatre) stamps from Faroe Islands


23 October 2023
A miniature sheet released by the Faroe Islands on 23 October features two stamps that illustrate SALT (Sound Art Live Theatre) on Suðuroy – the southernmost island in the Faroe Islands.

Originally a salt silo, the building, with its steel and concrete arches (21 kroner), was commissioned by the French company Compagnie Commerciale des Sels Marins, which was responsible for most of the salt production in Europe.

It was built from 1937 to 1938, when the Faroese fishing fleet grew so much that the increased demand for salt required a more extensive and modern salt depot. The French planned to build more salt silos in the North Atlantic area but abandoned these plans due to World War II.

The original 1930s industrial building has now been converted into a modern music, theatre and culture establishment (61 kroner). When renovation work began, one of the major challenges was the acoustics, but with advice from Denmark, Japan and France, a concert venue with a high acoustic level has been created. Today, the building provides diverse cultural activities, including the Suðuroy Theatre Company, which has become one of the most active theatre groups in the Faroe Islands.

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Issue date 23 October;

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