Christmas seals show Angel of Peace


16 November 2023
Faroese artist Jonna Ljósádepicts the 'Angel of Christmas Peace' on a new sheet of 15 Christmas seals, with the dove, representing peace, making an appearance on many of the se-tenant designs.

Jonna’s poetic description of her design is both warming and very welcome as the winter approaches and the world struggles with the challenges and loss of conflict:

‘Year after year, the angel of Christmas peace comes and reminds us that even in the coldest times there is warmth and eternal peace from love and compassion in our hearts…

'The angel comes to a glowing light, which touches some world and heart. Before we know it, an immeasurable peace will come over us, all our troubles will disappear, and our hearts will be filled with new understanding.'

  • Date of issue: 23.10.2023
  • Christmas Seals - sheet with 15 seals
  • Sheet, size: 165 x 130 mm
  • Seal, size: 30,43 x 35,00 mm
  • Artist: Jonna Ljósá
  • Printing technique: Offset
  • Printer: Cartor Security Printers, France
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