Great FA Cup Moments!


01 May 2022
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the world’s longest running national club competition, Jersey Post has issued 150 Years of the FA Cup Final – Great FA Cup Moments! – a set of eight commemorative stamps illustrating classic moments in FA Cup history.

The stamp set has been created by comic artist David Sque, whose iconic Roy of the Rovers character is known and loved by football fans worldwide.

‘I’ve been involved with illustrating football for most of my career, and I am probably most known for drawing England’s famous national football comic hero, Roy of the Rovers,’ said David.

‘I was both honoured and humbled when Jersey Post kindly commissioned me to illustrate a set of postage stamps together with further illustrations connected with the issue. It was quite daunting to hear that my illustrations had to be approved by the Queen before they could be produced! This project is certainly one of the highlights of my career to date.’

The stamps illustrated by David in his inimitable comic-book style cover the FA Cup Final’s history from its humble beginnings in 1872, when Wanderers beat Royal Engineers 1-0.

Dramatic moments brought to life in Dave’s drawings include the 1956 final between Manchester City and Birmingham City when City goalkeeper Bert Trautmann broke his neck as he dived to save a ball – and played on regardless of his injury, seeing his team win 3-1.

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The 150 Years of the FA Cup Final – Great FA Cup Moments! set is a must for football loving stamp collectors, and a prestige stamp booklet illustrated by Dave is also available, with further illustrations of great FA Cup moments and featuring five exclusive panes of stamps.

‘From my point of view as a fan of football, so many of the classic moments of the FA Cup are ingrained in the memory,’ said Chriss Elligott, design and production manager for Jersey Stamps.

‘One of the hardest tasks was to edit down the highlights to be featured throughout the issue. David Sque has brought each moment to life in his very own classic action-packed style, and I hope that the issue will spark a nostalgic trip for fans of the game.’

Issue date: 10 May,

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