Guernsey Stamps 2019: Year of the Pig


22 January 2019
Guernsey Post starts its 2019 programme with a set of stamps celebrating Chinese New Year and its 2019 Year of the Pig.

Guernsey Post has released six stamps to celebrate the Year of the Pig, the sixth set in its series to mark Chinese New Year, which falls on 5 February. 

Created by Sydney-based illustrator Chrissy Lau, each of the six stamps reflects the pig’s cultural association with an abundance of wealth and prosperity, with the Chinese symbol for pig depicted in gold on each stamp. 

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The Lucky Charm pig (46p stamp) wears a Chinese New Year lucky
charm of coins commonly used as decorations
during the celebrations. Its body is covered with a decorative scroll pattern inspired by Chinese ceramics. 

Strolling into Life pig (62p) wears the longevity knot, which is also often seen during Chinese New Year celebrations. The cloud pattern is a symbol of peace and good fortune. 

The 63p stamp features a Leaping into Fortune pig that wears a cabbage ‘cai’ or ‘xai’, often used as a
symbol of prosperity and wealth. The chrysanthemum design symbolises longevity, whilst the fire pattern represents intellectual brilliance. 

The body of the Fortune Sticks pig (76p) is covered in gold ingots and coins to symbolise wealth and prosperity, whilst the Fruits of our Labour pigs (85p) are decorated with kumquats, tangerines and oranges, which are considered lucky during Chinese New Year.

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Completing the set are The Three Pigs (94p stamp) with a peony pattern on their bodies to symbolise wealth and achievement in life. The red packets are filled with money, which are traditionally given out during Chinese New Year. 

Bridget Yabsley, head of philatelic at Guernsey Post said: ‘Taking inspiration from the Chinese zodiac, illustrator Chrissy Lau has created another striking yet intricate set of stamps for our Lunar New Year series. The use of red symbolises good fortune and joy and is often used in celebrations, whilst gold represents wealth and prosperity for added impact.’

Stamp details

Issue date: 22 January 2019
Designer: Chrissy Lau
Printer: Lowe Martin
Print process: Offset lithography
Stamp size: 30.5mm x 40mm 
Perforations: 13.3 x 13.3

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