Jersey stamps explore meaning of Christmas


03 November 2023
On 11 November, Jersey issued a set of eight stamps that explored the meaning of Christmas. For the issue, eight local artists were asked the question ‘What does Christmas mean to you?’. The resulting stamp designs ranged from the whimsical and festive to the incredibly poignant.

Inspired by his love of sea swimming, and a soft spot for the Lido at Havre des Pas, artist Will Bertram illustrated the island’s traditional Christmas Day swim (60p).

Graphic designer and illustrator, Dean Porter, lost his younger sister in 2020. His design (98p) is a tribute to her, with one person missing from a family creating snow angels together. He said: ‘The snow angels created by the family form the shape of a flower, which represents the ongoing growth and development of the family despite the absence of their loved one.’

‘Freestyle’ artist Glen Fox’s ink drawing style is bold and distinctive (98p). He comments: ‘The main look about Christmas for me is “being together” and “eating well”. In my opinion, it’s a time of year for giving and this is what I’ve tried to portray in the drawing.’

Storybook illustrator, Erin Brown’s design, features two cosy Jersey crapauds (Jersey toads) sipping mugs of steaming hot chocolate, with a string of twinkling fairy lights in the foreground, and picturesque Portelet Bay in the background (£1.65).

Known for her distinctive landscape paintings, Louise Ramsay’s design depicts St Matthew’s Glass Church (£1.85). Built in 1840, the church is known for its glasswork by René Lalique. Louise hoped that the image made ‘reference to faith, light, love, family, peace, welcome and warmth’.

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Rosemary Blackmore is best known locally for her beautifully constructed Jersey cow art, usually presented in oil or watercolour. Her stamp design is of a wintry oil painting of a Jersey cow in the snow (£2.55).

The colouful design of Illustrator and graphic designer Gabriella Street features a marshmallow and candy cane adorned drink, with St Ouen’s Bay’s La Rocco Tower and a star-filled night sky in the background (£3.25).

Freelance illustrator Lauren Radley created the stamp designs for Jersey Post’s 2021 Jersey Parishes and 2023 Traditional Markets issues and has returned for the Christmas stamp issue. Lauren said: ‘Christmas to me is all about the decorations and decorating the tree!’ (£4.20).

Issue date 11 November;

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