150 Years of Brewing in Jersey


31 August 2021
Jersey Post say 'cheers!' to many brewers on the island with a new set of six stamps.

‘This was a lovely project to work on,’ commented Chris Wormell when speaking about Jersey’s latest stamp set.

He may well have enjoyed a bit of research at the many hostelries around the island, but he was of course referring to the artistic elements of the set, rather than the deliciously drinkable subject. ‘The main challenge was to capture just a few of the many stages of brewing beer in Jersey while maintaining a nice balance of contrast and variation in the stamps,’ he added.

Made using a hybrid linocut technique, the new set celebrates 150 Years of Brewing in Jersey, and consists of a set of six stamps, a miniature sheet and a souvenir sheetlet.

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Brewing is an integral part of Jersey’s cultural heritage and can be traced back 150 years to 1871 when a Mr JS Palmer started the Ann Street brewing operation in St Helier.

The six stamp illustrations celebrate this traditional craft, depicting the raw ingredients and different stages in the brewing process, both a science and an art form and has always been a labour of love for the brewers of Jersey. Stepping back in time, the miniature sheet illustrates a typical delivery vehicle of the 1920s loaded with barrels in the brewery’s courtyard.

Issue Date: 5 October 2021, www.jerseystamps.com

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