First responders stamps from Jersey


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01 April 2023
Jersey Post has issued A History of Jersey’s Emergency Services, a new set of stamps celebrating the island’s emergency services, past and present. 

Designed by Martin Mörck, a renowned Norwegian stamp artist and engraver, the eight stamp set features:

  • a Jaguar MkII police car (1960s)
  • RNLB Elizabeth Rippon (1948-1975)
  • a Ford Model T field ambulance (1917)
  • the Lord St. Helier fire engine (c. 1905)
  • Channel Islands Air Search (2019-)
  • inshore fire & rescue craft (2000-)
  • a BMW i3 electric police car (2019-)
  • and a King Air 200 air ambulance (2018-2020)

Jersey Post commissions a new set from Martin Mörck every year. 

‘It’s been like this now for a number of years and I’m always prepared with rolled-up sleeves,’ he said.

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‘It’s not just a case of designing a set of stamps, it’s telling a story; like postal ships of Jersey from ancient sailboat to present day ship, or emergency vehicles from horse-driven to electric-powered. It’s a very three-dimensional project in the sense that my research into the brief takes me in many different directions.

'This is because I like my paintings to have real backdrops and colours. I make sketches and build up the scenery in my head before I get to work with pen and ink plus colour pens. I get totally immersed and stay in the creative bubble until I can see the story told. It’s hard, but I love it.’

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