Illuminating inventors


14 September 2022
Two of history’s greatest inventors are commemorated on Scientific Achievements, a new set of stamps from Jersey Post

The stamps are devoted to Alexander Graham Bell, best known as the inventor of the telephone, and Thomas Edison, inventor of the lightbulb.

2022 marks 175 years since the birth of both American inventors, and 100 years since the death of Bell. 

Jersey Post’s six-stamp Scientific Achievements set illustrates inventions that changed the world. The 56p stamp depicts Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone. On the 82p stamp glows Thomas Edison’s lightbulb, and the 91p stamp has a picture of his phonigraph. The £1.20 stamp features a picture of Bell’s metal detector and the £1.37 stamp shows Edison’s kinetograph motion picture camera and finally the £1.75 stamp shows Bell’s twisted pair cabling.

The stamps have been illustrated by Beatrice Garcia, a Gibraltar-born, Amsterdam-based artist and illustrator whose use of warm, Mediterranean-inspired colours creates a modern contemporary backdrop for the images of the inventions. 

‘These stamps showcase inventions from two of the most iconic inventors of the 19th century,’ said Beatrice. ‘Bell and Edison were innovators of their time; hence I chose a contemporary palette of pastel shades for the backgrounds of the stamps to reflect their modernity. The pastels also contrast nicely against the often-dark tones in the inventions, giving the inventions centre stage.’

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The miniature sheet that accompanies the Scientific Achievements set features portraits of both inventors and illustrations of two early versions of the telephone – a device to which each other two great inventors contributed. Bell is credited with the invention of the telephone, and Edison’s work in developing a microphone that enable users to hear what was being said was pivotal to its success. 

The stamps, plus miniature sheets, First Day Covers and presentation packs, are available from Jersey Post.


Issue date: 2 August 2022