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17 March 2021
Surrounded by crystal clear waters and luxurious fine-grained sand, the beautiful island of Jersey is renowned for its picturesque scenery, and drone-captured photographs of the island feature across eight new stamps.

The island is blessed with breathtaking rural vistas and dramatic coastlines. Over the centuries, artists and photographers, both local and visiting, have taken advantage of this natural splendour, depicting the Island’s beauty in a variety of media and from many different outlooks.

Bam Perspectives, a local photography business has taken a distinctly 21st-century approach to capturing the Island’s brilliance, by using drones to take aerial photographs of some the Island’s most loved features, as well as some of her best kept secrets. 

A selection of these drone-captured photographs features across the eight stamps, showing the Island from a unique and exciting perspective.

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  • On the 54p we see La Hougue Bie, a Neolithic ritual site and home to a Neolithic Passage Grave, one of the ten oldest buildings in the world. 
  • The 74p stamp shows St Catherine’s Breakwater
  • The rural parish of  Trinity is seen on the 88p value
  • The £1 shows St Helier at night
  • Kayaks at Sorel Point are the subject of the £1.25 stamp
  • The famous Jersey Cows are seen on the £1.30
  • We see the pictureseque Corbière Lighthouse on the £1.75
  • On the £3.50 stamp we see a tractor and boat at St Ouen’s Bay

Issue date: 1 April 2021,

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