Jersey Stamps: A Children's Nativity Play, 20 November 2019


08 November 2019
Jersey Post gets into the Christmas spirit with heart-warming stamps showing the humour and emotion of the school nativity play.

Ask anyone about their strongest school memories from the Christmas season and chances are, the school nativity play will get a mention. Jersey Post pays tribute to this well-loved tradition with eight stamps showing scenes from a traditional nativity play, complete with a king resplendent in a cotton wool beard, a ‘donkey’ in an animal onesie and the obligatory plastic-doll baby Jesus.


With illustrations by Sharif Tarabay, the stamps have been designed to convey the heart-warming of a school nativity, where the slip-ups and missed lines are all part of the fun, as children whisper mischievously and parents crane their neck for that first glimpse of their child – who, whether he or she Mary, Joseph or a sheep – is of course the star of the show.


Stamp details


A children’s nativity play


Issue date: 20 November 2019

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Illustrations: Sharif Tarabay

Printer: Cartor Security Printing, France

Print process: Offset lithography

Stamp die size: 30mm x 40mm


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