Jersey stamps celebrate the tractor


09 March 2022
A set of eight stamps celebrating the tractor feature makes and models of tractor that are currently in use or have been used historically in Jersey.

Stamp artist Martin Mörck said:

'I have been creating Jersey stamps for many years now and found this stamp issue exciting; I learned a lot about tractors. The illustrations range from the first motorised tractor in Jersey to today's big modern tractors. The colours, models and even the clothing of the people had to reflect the story of how these working vehicles have changed over time.' 

A Norwegian artist and engraver, Martin Mörck has over 40 years of experience in stamp design and engraving, banknote engraving, portrait drawing, illustration and watercolour/acrylic painting. He is also an avid sailor and shipbuilder and owns his own tractor. 

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Featured across the stamps are:

  • a Ferguson T20 (c. 1952) ploughing a field
  • a Renault 85-12 TX (c. 1989) towing a boat
  • a Massey Ferguson 6714s (c. 2017) planting Jersey Royal seed potatoes
  • a John Deere 6310 (c. 1999) trimming back overgrowth on one of Jersey’s green lanes
  • a Fordson Model F (c. 1917) binding
  • a New Holland T6 (c. 2018) baling hay
  • a John Deere 5115M (c. 2020) pulling a trailer full of oyster bags
  • an International W14 (c.1939) ploughing a field

Jersey scenery can be seen in the background of the stamps, most notably the iconic Le Tour du Hoinet on the 82p stamp and Grouville Bay on the £2.10 stamp.


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