Jersey: Year of the Tiger stamps


04 January 2022
The seventh issue in Jersey Post’s Lunar New Year series celebrates the Year of the Tiger and comprises a single stamp and a miniature sheet designed by renowned Chinese artist Wang Huming.

Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival is the most important celebration in the Chinese calendar. Observed by Chinese communities across the globe, the festival represents a fresh start and a chance to gather as a family to spend quality time together and honour ancestors.

The 88p stamp depicts the Renyin tiger in gold metallic ink, symbolising courage and strength. With its head raised upwards, the tiger represents a leader full of power and confidence who protects the weak and is respected.

The pattern on the head of the tiger is a Chinese word meaning ‘the king’. In the background of the stamp on the upper right corner is the Chinese character for tiger in the style of calligraphy launched by the First Emperor of Qin around 222 BC. The Chinese seal which appears on the left of the illustration denotes renyin, Year of the Tiger.

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The vibrant £3 miniature sheet illustrates two tiger cubs playing with their mother. In Chinese culture, this embodiment represents a guardian of children and babies, a protector.

In addition, the tiger is often known as the king of the mountains and is a powerful creature endowed with the ability to ward off evil spirits. The tiger’s head has patterns representing the Chinese word meaning ‘the king’.

On the border of the miniature sheet, a narrative in Chinese characters explains some of the background of the Chinese zodiac followed by information regarding the Year of the Tiger.

Issue date: 4 January 2022

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