More than a touch of frost


16 December 2022
An innovative taken on traditional Christmas icons from So Design Consultants lends a frosty contemporary aesthetic to Jersey Post’s 2002 festival stamps

The familiar Yule-tide images of a snowflake, bells, a wreath, a bauble, a robin, an angel, a star and a Christmas tree have been designed to look like ice sculptures, with their frosty feel offset by the palette of vibrant jewel tones that make up the stamp set’s background colours. 

‘One of our first creative thoughts was to explore festive icons in coloured glass, and particularly stained glass,’ said Steve Haskins, creative director at So Design Consultants. ‘This led to us looking at basic shapes in ice, and so our journey into the world of ice carvings began. We developed a process of creating the icon in a 3D rendering programme, which allowed us to view a flat Christmas icon and look around it in a 3D space. We were then able to carve the lines almost as in ice, and then add detailed ice textures through the image to give realism. Flooding bright colours through the ice platform gave us the feel of stained glass which originally inspired us, and these added to the festive nature of the stamps.’

Issue date 14 November;

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