Swiss Post celebrates 175 Years with new stamp release


11 April 2024
Two new CHF 1.20 stamps were issued on 21st March to mark the 175th Anniversary of Swiss Post.

The History of Swiss Post 

Swiss Post was founded in 1849 and since then, the company has been connecting the mountains, valleys, villages and cities of different linguistic areas of the country. Although the first stamps issued in Switzerland were issued by the 26 individual cantons, which are the administrative regions of the country, in 1843, with federal stamps following in 1850. These stamps featured the Swiss cross and the symbol of a post horn and were valid throughout Switzerland with their value varied depending on distance. 

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Swiss Post Stamp Innovation

Over the course of its history, Swiss Post has adapted to society’s changing needs, ranging from delivery by coach to crypto stamps. The designs of Swiss stamps have also become more diverse during this time and cover a range of topics. 

Swiss stamps have often been issues to support humanitarian causes and charities such as the stamp series produced for the Pro Juventute foundation from 1912 and the stamps produced for Pro Pratia since 1938. Technological innovations have also played their part in the design of the stamps from Swiss Post. Embroidered stamps were produced in 2001 with hologram stamps produced in 2002, Braille stamps released the following year and a stamp containing cement pigment was released in 2023.

Swiss Post Today

To find out how the public view Swiss Post today, a competition was held in conjunction with the Lucerne School of Design, Film and Art. The competition challenged graphic design students to design a stamp for the Swiss Post. The jury selected Svenja Kolly’s and Mia Gujer’s designs symbolising Swiss Post’s connecting and networking role. All 23 entries in the competition will be presented in a travelling exhibition at Swiss Post branches throughout the country.