Leonardo Da Vinci 500 year anniversary stamps available to pre-order


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14 August 2019
Gibraltar Stamps has revealed the designs of four stamps to be issued on 3 September 2019 to mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

Leonardo Da Vinci, born Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci in 1542, is one of the greatest artists who ever lived, despite the fact that only 15 of his paintings have survived, including the world famous Mona Lisa.

Da Vinci, known to history as 'Renaissance Man', was a hugely talented individual whose achievements included designs for flying machines, geology and civil engineering discoveries.

The stamps, designed by Stephen Perera, depict the following works of art:

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  • 70p: St. John the Baptist, 1513-16 - believed to be Da Vinci's final work and now on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris  

  • 80p: Virgin of the Rocks, 1483-86 - a two-metre high work of art showing the Madonna and child with a young John the Baptist

  • £2.86: The Last Supper, 1495-98 - a mural painting showing the Last Supper of Jesus, as described in St John's Gospel

  • £3.46: Mona Lisa, 1503 - perhaps the world's most famous painting, and holder of the highest insurance valuation in history, at $650 million.

A first day cover and presentation pack are also available. To order, visit the Gibraltar Stamps website.

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