Luxembourg charity stamps depict the orchid


14 November 2023
Luxembourg's 'Orchids 2' set of four stamps feature four different species of the flower.

The second series on the theme of orchids in Luxembourg, produced in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History, focuses on the following species:

  • Anacamptis pyramidalis
  • Orchis anthropophora
  • Himantoglossum hircinum
  • Gymnadenia conopsea

These 4 species share several points in common. They can live on dry land with very little nutrients and are able to survive a lack of water in summer and strong temperature variations.

  • Price of the series: €6.85
  • Photos: Marianne Majerus (LU)
  • Layout: Ierace, Dechmann & Partners (LU)
  • Printing: Digitaler Druck, Bpost Stamps Factory, Mechelen (BE)
  • Format: 30 x 40 mm,
  • 10 stamps per pack sheet with decorated edges
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