Luxembourg stamp celebrates Christmas 2023


02 November 2023
Luxembourg's Christmas stamps for 2023 have a serious message, with graffiti artist Alain Welter's designs providing a stark warning of the climate emergency.

The designs of Luxembourg's Christmas 2023 stamps are surprising to say the least: a melting snowman and a sweating Boxemännchen.

If the style of graffiti artist Alain Welter makes you smile at first glance, the illustrations subsequently encourage reflection on the consequences of climate change.

This is why, for this year's edition, Luxembourg have decided not to enhance the stamps in order to support the message they wanted to convey.

  • Price of the series: €2.65
  • Drawings: Alain Welter (LU)
  • Layout: Ierace, Dechmann & Partners (LU)
  • Printing: Offset Lithography, Cartor Security Printer, Meaucé la Loupe (FR)
  • Format: 35 x 35 mm, 12 stamps per sheet
  • with decorated edges
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