50 years of the Luxembourg flag


09 May 2022
Alongside the coat of arms and the national anthem, the national flag of Luxembourg is undoubtedly one of the most important official emblems of the Grand Duchy. The flag, in its current form, was officially adopted on 23 June 1972. It consists of three horizontal strips of equal size. In vexillology, this kind of triband design (be it horizontal or vertical) is known as a tricolour.

The colours of the three stripes – red on top, white in the middle and light blue at the bottom – are similar to those on the flag of the Netherlands, but the blue in the flag of Luxembourg is lighter.

The Grand Ducal Regulation of 27 July 1993 defined the colours of the Luxembourg tricolour as Pantone 032C for the red, and Pantone 299C for the blue.

The aspect ratio of the two flags is also different (Luxembourg’s is 1:2 or 3:5; the Netherlands’ is 2:3). Despite the geographic proximity of the two countries and their historical points of contact, the similarity between the two national flags is coincidental.

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The “50 years of the Luxembourg flag” souvenir sheet marks a first for POST Philately. For the first time ever, lenticular technology was used for printing and processing.

Thanks to the use of lenticular film, which enables you to see different parts of the motif depending on the angle at which it is held, it looks like the flag is flying on the stamp. The background around the edge of the souvenir sheet also changes.

  • Video flag: CLT (L)
  • Layout : Fargo sarl (L)
  • Printing: Lenticular printing technique, Cartor Security Printing, Meaucé La Loupe (F)
  • Dimensions of the block: 120 x 80 mm
  • Dimensions of the stamp: 55 x 37 mm

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