Motor-Union of Luxembourg


25 February 2022
Luxembourg issue a €0.80 stamp to mark the centenary of the Motor-Union of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (MUL).

The Motor-Union of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (MUL) plays an important role in the organisation and development of motorcycle sport in all its forms and supports Luxembourg participants in various national and international competitions.

In addition to its sporting missions, the association is committed to the safety of motorcyclists on the roads and encourages its members to follow training courses and use appropriate equipment, while advocating respect and caution in relationships with other road users.

The MUL represents the interests of road motorcyclists to national authorities.

  • Stamp price: €0.80
  • Photos: MUL | Layout: Tom Diederich (LU)
  • Printing: Full color high definition offset by Bpost Stamps Factory, Mechelen (BE)
  • Format: 60 x 30 mm, 10 stamps per sheet
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